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ADHD Awareness Week October 16-22

Mother of 14 year old Jack H.

My son was struggling with ADHD and was placed in the district special class. His reading and writing skills were insufficient because he skipped class, and was having trouble focusing as well as sleeping. After only 4 visits, he can do his homework much faster taking only 20 minutes to do a page of math in comparison with his previous 45 minutes. He is getting up and going to sleep faster, he is not as chatty, is more thoughtful, where before he used to ramble on in car rides with far fetched grandiose ideas. Before we started with ADNC, he would get angry easily and had a flaring temper. Now, after 44.5 sessions over 29 visits within 3 months, he is much more realistic and sensitive now he can do his homework twice as fast. Also, I am able to have a whole night's sleep and I can wake up in the morning only being asked once!

April 13, 2010

Individual & Families

Individuals & Families

Discover how ADNC can help you and your family members identify, understand, & successfully manage the challenges of living with ADHD.