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Our Mission
To Promote the achievement of people's full potential through neurological and physilogical self-regulation techniques. To help further awareness and development of advanced non-invasive medical approaches...
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Health News

Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Alleviates Chronic. Treatment Resistant Symptoms of Schizophrenia
The scientists found that these symptoms arise from a breakdown in a network between the brain's prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum. Moreover, the team demonstrated that a novel type of non-invasive brain stimulation restored this crucial network's function, which in turn improved schizophrenia's most debilitating and treatment resistant symptoms in patients with the disease. The research is in American Journal of Psychiatry. (full access paywall)

Visit neurosciencenews.com for more information.

Body Works: The Mind, Science World
Brain circuits of electrical chemical pathways are significant in functions from vision and movement ot heart rate and moods. Poor and failed connections can impact or trigger mood disorders, and even Parkinsons. Malfunctioning circuits can be switched to function through deep brain stmulation. A neurostimulator is embedded under the skin, electrodes connected to the stimulator are surgically stereotaxically implanted into specific areas.

Visit scienceworld.ca/bodyworlds and bodyworlds.com for more information.

How to Make New Neurons in Your Brain
Why is this important? Your brain makes use of the new neurons to implement change. Change is what you wanted when you got interested in neurofeedback...

Neuroplasticity and Neurofeedback, Why It's Important ?
Why is neuroplasticity important for you and for neurofeedback? It's very important and it's been exciting seeing neuroplasticity mentioned so much in the media lately. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain's lifelong capacity to generate new neurons...
Patient Quotes
Jack was struggling with ADHD and he was in the district special class. His reading and writing skills were relatively insufficient because he has trouble focusing and sleeping - After the training is accomplishes. his can do his home homework twice the speed Also, I am able to have whole right's sleep and I can wake up in the morning by only asked once !

After serious problem focusing 4months of training, I have noticed that I have better Interactions when speaking with people socially. The biggest change is that I have more patience and able to control my anger and frustration. It's a fantastic experience to relief stress and now my interest and focus is sustained.measuring...
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